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75% of companies face serious GDPR compliance challenges

A recent survey of 500 IT decision makers highlighted the number of organisations facing serious challenges in becoming GDPR compliant.

The survey, carried out by data protection specialist Varonis, questioned 500 IT decision makers from companies with more than 1000 employees across the UK, France, Germany and the US, and their findings showed that 90% believe there will be regulations representing a challenge to them with regard to meeting the EU GDPR.

42% of respondents stated that the GDPR deadline was not seen a top priority by their organisations
60% were of the opinion that meeting the requirements of GDPR would give them an edge over their competitors in the same industry.

The most significant obstacles

55% responded that the right to erasure/to be forgotten (Article 17) represented their organisation’s greatest challenge with regard to meeting GDPR requirements
52% ranked Article 30 (records of processing activities) as their biggest concern
50% of respondents highlighted Article 32 (security of processing) as the most significant hurdle


Almost all respondents anticipate real benefits to their organisation from the GDPR. Just less than half of the respondents agreed that it will be beneficial for their company to know the location of the personal data they hold and it will also reduce their company’s chances of suffering a high profile data breach. Compulsory data removal and deletion would help in controlling the amount of data they actually possess and, by complying with the GDPR regulations, give them a competitive advantage over other organisations in their sector.

As of May 25th 2018 changes to UK Law mean paper and traditional filing methods are no longer going to make your organisation compliant.
You are required by legislation to have all of your employee records safe from theft, destruction, loss and damage and also have the technical requirements to log who has access to view, share and save information with a trackable audit trail. The new law will also require your business to manage ex employee data through document retention policy, with the ability to prove HR are deleting personal data.

This is why Unidoc Solution’s GDPR module for HR makes perfect business sense.

So why do you need UniDoc Solution’s GDPR module relating to employee files and document records?

  • Paper record conversion to digital records will ensure security of data
  • In-built audit trail for accessing employee files/records for viewing and sharing purposes
  • Data retention post employment managed through automated alerts to the HR department
  • 4 Key benefits of UniDoc Solution’s GDPR for HR:

Designed for ease of use
Many software solutions require knowledge experts spending time understanding your business and mapping these requirements to the product. Our software has been designed with the help of HR experts, resulting in a ready-to-go solution – designed to improve your data management storage whilst keeping it up to date. The application benefits from Canon’s Global Information Management System, ensuring seamless transfer of all employee records/legacy data. This solution boasts essential business benefits such as a training record repository providing notification alerts to HR departments when retraining/refresher courses are required and document expiry/existence alerts to let HR know if vital information such as contracts have not been uploaded.

Cloud-based technology
Using the latest cloud-based technology means you simply require access to a web browser – and it works in all environments – Windows, Apple OS, mobile devices, etc. Unidoc Solutions configure the system prior to installation eliminating any local costly or complex software requirements. All data is securely stored in a Tier 4 security level data centre, with built-in resilience and redundancy and 24 hour access to your data from anywhere.

GDPR ready
Our software has been built by experts, each element of the system has been designed to ensure business compliance with the GDPR guidelines. Conversion of paper records into digital data eliminates the risk of loss, destruction, theft or damage. Any user will require password authentication to access the system – ensuring data security whilst providing viewable audit trails. Information retention and deletion alerts can be in-built for employee data management, with the audit trail to ensure compliance is proven – all you need to do is simply log in and begin your journey to digital transformation.

Low cost packages include design, set-up and training
Being a cloud-based solution, our HR module means there are no upfront fees, and product design will be matched to your business document types. User names and configuration come at no extra cost, as well as user training to get you up to speed. Should you require consultation or further advice this can be arranged for best practice.

UniDoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions, either via the cloud or on-premise, and boast the support of Canon’s class-leading technology to deliver simple, effective, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

To view the report in full go the Varonis website

If you want to know how Unidoc Solutions can help your business be GDPR compliant before the impending deadline visit www.unidocsolutions.co.uk or call the team on 01562 882 523

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