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Invoice Approval

Easily route and approve invoices around your organisation.
Bring your accounts payable department into the digital age, with automatic processing of supplier invoices using Artificial Intelligence.

Organising, storing, approving and ultimately paying supplier invoices is a labour intensive process within the finance department. This has changed in the modern office, with the conversion from manual paper-based methods into a digital and automated process. This reduces the risk of human data inputting errors and ensures accounts payable staff concentrate on knowledge based tasks, giving finance managers clearer data, reports for being ahead of cash flow and proactive management of supplier invoices.

By introducing automated invoice approval software into your accounts payable department, you can scan or convert supplier invoices into a digitally formatted process:

  • Automatically validating them against purchase order
  • Obtaining proofs of delivery
  • Gaining approval for payment
  • All stored and recorded in a digital format

You decide on the document retention policy in line with your accounting policy, instead of using paper-based processes which are labour-intensive, prone to errors and inefficient.

Benefits of Unidoc Solution's Invoice Approval software:

Modular in design
Convert your purchase orders and proof of delivery from paper to digital, enabling three-way matching in one location.

Reduce invoice processing times
By having digital images instead of paper, the application we supply will extract data from the image and add up the line items to validate the total you expect to pay. It can therefore start dealing with exceptions only.

Auto-approval mobile notification
Create automated approvals for authorisation of invoice payments, with no need to manually chase authorisation for payments, via the mobile app.

Integrate with existing finance application
Rather than manually inputting information from invoices into your finance application, automate the process without the need for any input from users. The application can import the data for you, saving time and money.

Unidoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions, either via the cloud or on-premise, and boast the support of Canon’s class-leading technology to deliver simple, effective, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

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