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Human Resources

Manage your critical HR documents in the office of the future.
GDPR regulations mean that your HR system needs to take the leap from paper to digital data, which makes all of your manual-based tasks surrounding critical documents safer, more secure and easier to manage in the post GDPR environment.

Using Artificial Intelligence the Unidoc Solutions HR management software module removes the reliance on employees to remember critical tasks, alerting when such requirements which ensure compliance with company HR policy and legislation are not completed.

Unidoc Solutions has extensive experience of dealing with HR professionals, which has led to an HR management software product designed to streamline every process involved in the information system. Paper files are converted into digital documents, which are then filed, managed and maintained from pre-employment and onboarding through to employment and disposal. The updating of critical documentation for the off-boarding process, and the retention of documentation, as deemed necessary by company policy or regulatory legislation, will also be taken care of. The automated process is easy to manage using Artificial Intelligence, and ensures all critical staff information complies with company policy and legislation, thus avoiding unnecessary fines and costly tribunal cases while guaranteeing compliance.

Human Resources Starter Module

  • Five user licences,
  • Network scanner
  • Half a day training and set-up and document types with two workflows to get you started.
Benefits of Unidoc Solution’s HR software:

Designed for ease of use:
Many HR software solutions require knowledge experts spending time understanding your business and mapping these requirements to the product. Our software has been designed with the help of HR experts, resulting in a ready-to-go solution – designed to improve your data management storage whilst keeping it up to date. The application benefits from Canon’s Global Information Management System, ensuring seamless transfer of all employee records/legacy data. This solution boasts essential business benefits such as a training record repository providing notification alerts to HR departments when retraining/refresher courses are required and document expiry/existence alerts to let HR know if vital information such as contracts have not been uploaded.

Cloud based SaaS technology:
Using the latest cloud based technology means you simply require access to a web browser – and it works in all environments – Windows, Apple OS, mobile devices, etc. Unidoc Solutions configure the system prior to installation eliminating any local costly or complex software requirements. All data is securely stored in a Tier 4 security level data centre, with built-in resilience and redundancy and 24 hour access to your data from anywhere.

GDPR ready:
Unidoc Solution’s HR system software has been built by experts, each element of the HR system software has been designed to ensure business compliance with the GDPR guidelines. Conversion of paper records into digital data eliminates the risk of loss, destruction, theft or damage. Any user will require password authentication to access the system – ensuring data security whilst providing viewable audit trails. Information retention and deletion alerts can be in-built for employee data management, with the audit trail to ensure compliance is proven – all you need to do is simply log in and begin your journey to digital transformation.

Low cost packages include design, set-up and training:
Being a cloud-based solution, our HR software module means there are no upfront fees, and product design will be matched to your business document types. User names and configuration come at no extra cost, as well as user training to get you up to speed. Should you require consultation or further advice this can be arranged for best practice.

Unidoc Solutions also have other modular solutions from the same system designed to deal with many other security and auditing challenges that your business will face as a result of GDPR legislation.

Unidoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions, either via the cloud or on-premise, and boast the support of Canon’s class-leading technology to deliver simple, effective, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

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