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Expenses on the Go

Keep track of business costs and update all expenses whilst on the move.
Automatically update all your business expenses whilst on the move and gain clear visibility of your expenditure.
Benefits of Unidoc Solution’s Expenses on the Go software:

Quick and simple to use
Quickly and easily gain control of your expenses whilst on the move.

Easy document submission
Simply photograph your expenses and upload them seamlessly to your finance department for approval.

Real time, up to date expense submissions
Allow your employees to send in claims as they occur. You can then decide to either pay as you go or set a pay out date each month to clear each account as it stands. It allows your employees to be reimbursed quickly and saves the business having to chase down expenses each month; speeding up processing and payment, leaving you to focus on what's important.


Unidoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions, either via the cloud or on-premise, and boast the support of Canon’s class-leading technology to deliver simple, effective, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

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