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Digital Documents

Are your documents as safe and organised as you want them to be?
The workplace of tomorrow will need to embrace the need for digital documents to be retained securely and protected from theft, loss or destruction for long periods of time. Your challenge is managing the ever-increasing growth of more documentation alongside legislative requirements such as The Data Protection Act, compliance and associated challenges.

Gain control over your documents by scanning them into a digital format and automatically saving them, avoiding destruction, theft, loss or deletion. We would recommend this product for any business-critical documents requiring long term storage and security. This is offered whilst giving you the flexibility to have a retention policy and to quickly retrieve critical information, while making sure only the people who need to access the document have the permissions to do so.

Digital Documents Starter Module

  • Five user licences
  • Network scanner
  • Half a day training and set-up and document types with two workflows to get you started
Benefits of Unidoc Solution’s Digital Documents software:

Scalable to any size
Start small and build big! Automation enables you to gain effortless efficiency in your workplace. Digital Record Keeping gives you the ability to grow the product as your needs change, while digital workflows manage the manual processes.

Document security
Scan your paper based documents and create security settings to make sure your documents can only be seen by those who you wish to view them. ensuring they cannot be deleted.

Rely on notifications - not others
Set reminders and a control process in order to secure information, with less reliance on people to manage processes involving your critical business documents.

Your own document retention policy
Create your own document retention policy for the length of time you need to store documents in your record keeping system. Your retention policy ensures you are in control of when documents are ready to be deleted, guaranteeing they are safe and protected for their lifecycle.

Unidoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions, either via the cloud or on-premise, and boast the support of Canon’s class-leading technology to deliver simple, effective, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

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