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Intelligent Information Management

Transform Passive Paper Files into a Dynamic part of your business
Store, manage, process and analyse all kinds of business information throughout your organisation.

Unidoc Solutions are experts in providing software solutions to help businesses transform how they efficiently handle data, either via the cloud or on-premise.

Leveraging Canon’s market-leading technology we deliver simple, powerful solutions for your business – making Unidoc Solutions your trusted information management partner.

All of our software solutions are modulised giving greater flexibility, each module is a standalone solution and interchangeable with others to be customisable to suit your business needs.

Powerful yet affordable to get started

Learn how cost-effective document management solutions give businesses a competitive advantage.

Connect from anywhere and access your documents

Cloud based technology from Canon allows access to your stored information at any time from anywhere.

Our Intelligent


allows you to manage your documents in all areas of your business with our pre-built modules

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HR Module

Start the journey of managing your critical HR documents in the office of the future.

Digital Documents

Scan docs into a digital format and save them automatically, avoiding destruction, theft or loss.

Invoice Approval

Easily route and approve invoices around your organisation.

Expenses on the Go

Keep track of business costs and update all expenses whilst on the move.

Quality Assurance

Automate your heavy manual processes and improve your quality and auditing requirements.

GDPR for HR Records

Quickly and easily create and manage all employee documents in a central repository.


Why adopt an Intelligent Information Management solution
Intelligent software results in higher productivity, lower document-related operating costs, real-time and secure web access to company information, enhanced business process management, faster response times and improved customer service.

Rely on notifications - not others
Set reminders and a control process in order to secure information, with less reliance on people to manage processes involving your critical business documents.

Scalable to any size
Start small and build big! Automation enables you to gain effortless efficiency in your workplace. Digital Record Keeping gives you the ability to grow the product as your needs change, while digital workflows manage the manual processes.

Document security
Scan your paper based documents and create security settings to make sure your documents can only be seen by those who you wish to view them. ensuring they cannot be deleted.


  • No upfront fees
  • Easy to use
  • Secure data within a central, digital repository
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Automate and optimise core business processes
  • Low monthly fees


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